[Last] Wangan

25 09 2009

Cleaned 66 pages of  sikkrit pages for Wangan Scans.

Have a good one everyone!


Closing the shop

25 09 2009

I’ll close this one-man helping stuff : )

I’ll finish my current work (Q.E.D) for Wangan which will be my last work.
It did work really well but I’m not sure if it’ll be worth keeping alive as the thing for a one-man business is to cover everything which I can not.

So maybe I’ll start anew when I’m finnished with my japanese studies that I’m reading…or not : )

Thanks to everyone that used me (sounds quite wrong but WTH)


Color [27:th]

5 09 2009

A colored page from Special Darling 1 (a few days down) for Kisa & CoD.
It took way longer than it had to and I stoped simply I couldn’t spend more time on it…(It didn’t get better D:)

I have to…train my coloring…again.

Low-res preview:

Gai [26:th]

1 09 2009

Cleaned chapter 27 of Buraiden Gai for Endless Abyss

Fortune Arterial [23-25:th]

30 08 2009

Oh yeah…Why spend the days outside being all healthy when I can lurk at my PC cleaning shitloads of mangas?

Cleaned chapter 2-4 of Fortune Arterial for Manga Zone.

End of Neo Girl [19th-22:nd]

29 08 2009

So…I finally cleaned the last chapters of Neo Girls for Forbidden Garden!

In short: 7,8,9 and 10.

Moar Adolf [18:th]

28 08 2009

Two weeks.
Two fucking weeks…Including formating, finding files and then start somewhat anew…

So…Clean and typeseted chapter 17 of Adolf for The Project Scans.